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Franchisee Management

The pre school industry is currently pegged at Rs. 4000 crores with a high growth potential. The franchise model offers excellent opportunities for cost-effective growth as the investments are mainly in curriculum development, nationalized marketing and teacher training. Whilst franchising is a very useful strategy, it requires careful attention and management for sustainable quality and results.

We offer advice and solutions in helping companies scale operations while maintaining high quality standards by:

Developing the franchisee management framework consisting of systems and processes, guidelines and documentation and timelines to be followed.

Developing a set of academic guidelines for effective delivery and management of learning standards. This will include learning goals, school events, assessment patterns and communication with parents.

Designing appropriate learning centers: ideas for managing indoor and outdoor school spaces, creating standardized list for furniture, fixtures, toys and equipments for effective dissemination of knowledge.

Developing school policies regarding health and safety of children, managing of accidents and incidents and handling child abuse.

Managing quality: understanding a set of quality standards for monitoring, controlling and evaluating individual centers.

Managing relationships through a well designed process of orienting, inducting and coaching of business partners, principals and teachers.