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Our Pedagogy

Integrated Learning

Learning experiences should be integrated as a whole through interdisciplinary activities rather than separated into subjects. Within a meaningful context, children discover things from observations, inquiry, exploration and first-hand experiences.

Teachers as supporters of learning

Teachers who understand how children develop and learn will be able to support and extend their learning and thinking.

Engaging children in learning through play

Play is a vehicle for motivating children to learn about themselves and the world around them. To stimulate children’s learning and extend their thinking through play, it is vital for teachers to provide a sense-rich environment and facilitate their learning

Ample opportunities for interaction

Children must be given opportunities for extensive and meaningful interactions with materials, peers and teachers. Knowledge is constructed and relationships are built when children interact in a nurturing and positive environment.

Children as active learners

Learning is most effective when children are actively involved in tasks meaningful to them. Teachers can encourage children to explore, discover and construct their own knowledge by providing a stimulating and safe learning environment.

Holistic development

To facilitate holistic development of children, teachers need to provide opportunities for children to develop key knowledge, skills and dispositions in the following areas: aesthetics and creative expression, environmental awareness, language and literacy, motor skills development, numeracy, and self and social awareness.