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Starting a Pre-school

The first five years of life are critical for later outcomes. Young children have an innate desire to learn. This desire can be supported or undermined by early experiences. High quality early childhood experiences can promote intellectual, language, physical, social and emotional development, creating school readiness and build a foundation for later academic and social competence (Position statement by NAEYC).

We integrate the needs of children, parents and families. Using best practice to inform constantly, we offer clear, practical solutions to our partners in setting up high quality pre-schools.

Starting a Pre-school
We partner our clients in setting up and managing children’s centers namely pre-school, childcare and mother toddler programs covering areas of academic, workforce development, marketing and quality improvement.

Curriculum Framework
At the heart of any preschool is the child. We will work with you in developing a curriculum framework that enables your staff to create developmentally appropriate lesson plans for children to help them acquire necessary knowledge, skills and dispositions through the six learning areas.

Staff selection and training
We offer our experience in helping you hire the right staff to manage the centre and the learning needs of children. Additionally we offer coaching, mentoring, orienting and inducting sessions for your principals, supervisors and teachers.

Resource Management
We provide a comprehensive resource list comprising of furniture requirement, indoor and outdoor equipments, children’s literature stationary and other school supplies will be provided. This package will support the administrators and practitioners with daily resource management.