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Training & Support

Early years settings need confident and knowledgeable staff members who have been trained to provide the very highest quality care and education for young children.

As training providers, we will offer a wide range of workshops, short courses and pre service qualification programs to suit all needs. We partner with your resource person for designing and developing a rich and comprehensive framework for starting a Diploma in Early Years.

1. Diploma in Early Childhood Development
To study the theoretical knowledge and practical skills required for administration and organization of an early years setting. We offer a set of guidelines in the area of course content, current pedagogies, ongoing assignment and assessment patterns for candidates to demonstrate knowledge, understanding and an ability to apply these in the work place.

2. Workshops & Seminars
The following list gives an indication of the range of Workshops on offer:

  • Workshop 2
    Constructivism and inquiry

    Big Ideas as Inspiration

    This session is intended to provide a guide for principals and teachers who are looking for inspiration and are interested in constructivism.

    It will inspire you to try new and fresh approaches to curriculum planning.

    It will help the teacher make the daily act of teaching full of joy, for her and for the children.

    Use some big ideas as inspiration to developing an effective interdisciplinary child centered curriculum.

    Workshop 1
    The Hundred Languages of Children

    Understanding the Reggio Emilia Approach

    The American magazine -Newsweek rated the Reggio Emilia approach as the best approach in Early Childhood Education in the world.

    The purpose of this session is to understand the philosophy and methodology of this unique approach.

    The best practices being followed at Reggio, the potential and rights of children and most importantly the relationship between children and adults.

  • Workshop 4
    Unlock the door to literacy!

    Help your children to learn to read and write

    The skill of communication is paramount in all learning.

    Language is needed to enable us to make sense of our world and Reading is a skill that opens the door to a wealth of knowledge.

    This session provides insights and guidelines for a developmentally appropriate reading and writing program, exploring developmental readiness skills and activities to help teachers plan a child centered program.

    Phun Phonics is also a part of the session!

    Workshop 3
    The Power of Documentation

    Developing & Using Portfolios in the Classroom

    Documentation is the most positive and dynamic form of assessment used in education today.

    This method of evaluation celebrates and documents what the child can do!

    The teacher and the child become a collaborative team - together they explore, document and reflect on the progress of the child.

    The purpose of this session is to present the basic principles and methods of documentation and building a portfolio.